Action: Spreading the Love

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

We wanted there to be some Action as soon as possible, so we formed the Oxytocin Squad, starting with nurturing the midwives and maternity staff who were feeling so low and disrespected.

We started an online community where people could register their details to be a part of the Oxytocin Squad. These volunteers brought different skills and interests - from knitting, sourcing donations, baking, decorating, advocacy. They shared a desire to take positive and practical actions to boost morale and help retain much needed staff in the hospital.

We named this group after the "love hormone" so important to birth, bonding and all human relationships. The Oxytocin Squad - spreading love wherever we go!

It was really exciting to have so many people put their hands up to be a part of this community expression of care and concern.

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