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Christmas Fundraiser 2021

This year we are selling personalised Christmas decorations to raise funds to purchase items that will improve family experiences in the postnatal ward at Hutt Hospital. This may include items for partners and support people to use, art or objects to beautify spaces, furniture or any other items suggested by staff and community that fall outside DHB budget constraints. Hutt Maternity Action Trust does a lot of consulting with the community to find out specific items that are needed but we are always keen to hear further ideas. 

Celebrate your baby!

For $5 you can purchase a decoration that will be personalised with a name and birth year and added to the tree at Hutt Hospital maternity ward.

These decorations will become part of the hospital's collection (managed by HMAT) and are a lovely way to acknowledge your baby's birth and any staff that played a part in it. 

We also would love some names and dates for babies born less recently! Perhaps you were a Hutt baby and can add yourself to the tree?

Payment can be made directly to our bank account 38-9023-0141069-01 Hutt Maternity Action Trust. Please add the name and year you want on the decoration as a reference, or email us if it doesn't fit.  

If you would like to make a donation in addition to, or instead of purchasing a decoration please visit our Donate page and fill in the donation form. Please use "Xmas"as a reference if you would like a donation to go to this specific project.

Thanks so much for your support of Hutt families and maternity staff. Together we can make things better for everybody. 

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